2 Reasons I left My Job – Noise & Chemicals/Air Quality

The Wisdom of Nature in Addressing Health Issues


Well, I am back from holidays and once again I am invigorated and inspired by the majesty of the Canadian Rockies and all that fresh air!   I thought that since I was writing this while on holiday, that I might also take a break from the recent type of informational posts I have been doing, instead, taking some time to reflect on the wisdom of nature and how she really does have the simplest and often best answers when we are looking to address health issues.

For those of you who may not know my recent past, it was because of personal health issues that I embarked on the adventure to open my own naturally-different practice.  I have some grave concerns regarding many of the products, treatments and office environments found in many traditional dental practices and their side effects on not only people but the planet as well.

1.     Noise

One of the most significant areas of concern for me that I don’t think many people think of had to do with noise.  Dental offices can be very noisy places especially in a more open concept practice.  The constant barrage of sounds with various frequencies and decibels from equipment, televisions, phones, doorbells and people often left me exhausted and on edge.  It also seemed that the older I was getting the more it was bothering me.  My ultrasonic scaler which is a very import and useful tool became very difficult for me to use all day and I often found myself resorting to the quiet and gentle rhythm of scaling by hand.  Conversely, many of my clients preferred this as well. I then began to do some reading about noise pollution and found that this is a phenomenon that is garnering more attention and research lately, especially in more highly industrialized and populated areas.  As a result, this was one of the major reasons that I chose to open my own practice.  I try to keep the sounds gentle and welcoming and I have found that I am more relaxed and so are my clients.

2.    Chemical Disinfectants/Air Quality

Another major area of concern for me has to do with the chemical disinfectants used in dental offices and the air quality that ensues.  There are many different products available and obviously we need them to be 100% effective at killing any and all forms of bacteria, viruses and spores that we may be exposed to, ensuring the health and safety of all who may enter our offices.  However, after years of at-office headaches and a runny nose I have learned that there are vast differences between effective products and how they can affect the people who work within the environment they are used.  I researched these products extensively when I opened my own practice and I am happy to say that I use only environmentally safe, biodegradable products and while they may give off a slight odor that people could relate to that “dental office” smell, I temper it with the use of an essential oils diffuser that typically has Sage or Lavender in it.  I also have the wonderful advantage of windows that open to allow fresh air and oxygen and the added benefit of allowing us to enjoy the sounds from the surrounding woodland forest.

I would love your feedback.  Do you work in an environment like this? Have you noticed any ill effects?  Here on my blog, you will get commentluv.  For all bloggers out there, when you leave feedback, you can leave a link back to your own blog site. But you don’t have to be a blogger to leave a comment. I want to hear from everyone!


4 thoughts on “2 Reasons I left My Job – Noise & Chemicals/Air Quality

  1. Hi Karen,

    I use the MIcryllium line as well as Optim 33 TB from SciCan. I have looked at the Phenol and Gluteraldehyde-based compounds that are in most disinfectants and they are highly toxic and therefore not acceptable for my clients or myself.


  2. Hey, Kathleen I was sure I was the only that couldn’t stand the ultrasonic scaler, when I would ask others it didn’t bother them as much as it bothered me. it drives me nuts lol
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Thanks for your comment Sofia, it’s great to know we are not alone with these feelings. Not only do I find the ultrasonic irritating from a sound standpoint I will keep you posted on the research I am doing into the effects of the high frequency waves on an energetic level and if there is a difference between Piezo and Magnetorestrictive devices in this area. Kathleen

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