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Woodland Dental Hygiene on the Brite Smile System

bigstock-Dentist-technology-10641329If the time and commitment required for the daily wearing of custom whitening trays does not appeal to you or your busy schedule than I suggest you take a serious look at in-office, one- appointment teeth whitening.

There are many products and systems on the market, some of these require special lights and some don’t.  After considerable research at clients’ requests, I decided upon the Brite Smile System as the company claimed less sensitivity than the very popular ZOOM and it also happened to be the only in-office system that had been tested and written up in JADA, the Journal of the American Dental Association.  What is interesting to note, is that in this study the researchers were able to prove that the whitening gel and the light (short-arc plasma gas lamp, not a laser) used separately, were both able to whiten teeth but when combined, produced the greatest results.  This quiets many skeptics who claim that the light is purely a gimmick.

The entire procedure takes about two hours from beginning to end (the whitening gel and light on takes one hour).  Preparation is critical and a number of very important steps are taken:

  1. A cheek retractor and cotton rolls are placed that keep the lips and cheeks away from the teeth and gums.
  2. Lips and surrounding facial tissues are protected with a specially designed facial napkin and masking cream.
  3. A protective barrier material is painted onto the gums and cured/hardened into place to protect them from the hydrogen peroxide gel.
  4. A 15% or 25% Hydrogen Peroxide gel is then painted onto the teeth and then the Brite Smile Light is placed in position for 20 Minutes.
  5. The spent gel is suctioned off the teeth after twenty minutes and the teeth are then swabbed with a whitening accelerator.
  6. Steps 4 and 5 are then repeated 2 more times.

On average, my clients see an 8 shade improvement and in a number of cases we were able to achieve up to 11 shades of improvement.

The average cost for in-office whitening ranges anywhere from $400.00 – $1200.00 depending on where you have it done.  If you decide to have custom trays made as well for future touch-ups you can tack on another $50.00 to $100.00.   I personally charge $400.00 for this procedure and an additional $50.00 to make the custom trays.

Convenience is the main reason people choose this method as it is complete in one appointment and this procedure involves avoiding foods/drinks that stain for a 24 hour period instead of 2-3 weeks with the take-home kit.

I did have a few people who had sensitivity and some of that was due to not following post appointment instructions!  The sensitivity however was transient and completely disappeared within 24 hours as the teeth re-hydrated.

How about you? Have you tried any of these products? What were the results? I love getting feedback here on my blog. And if you are a blogger, I offer commentluv. That’s a plug in that allows you to leave a link back to your own blog!

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2 thoughts on “In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

  1. I want to add that in office whitening is not as popular as the take home or over the counter strips, even do In my opinion is the best route to take, its probably due to all the propaganda and whitening systems out their. Maybe it’s just where I’m at.

    I am glad you’re informing and advocating this safe route

    I have worked for dentist that tell patients to just go purchase the crest strips or hang them a bleaching kit and tray, Their just leaving money on the table

  2. Hi Sofia, I do agree that the professional home kits are the safest and most effective method for whitening, and 10% carbamide peroxide is the only product approved by the ADA. And since you asked carbamide peroxide actually breaks down into hydrogen peroxide in the presence of saliva and it appears that it is longer acting and causes less sensitivity.

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