The Oral-Systemic Connection

How the Mouth and the Body are Interrelated

bigstock-tooth-41015017The mouth is the gateway to the body.  We rely on it daily for nutrition and life support, communication and even expressing our love!  Veterinarians rely on the assessment of animal’s mouths to determine their overall health and well-being and Chinese doctors for thousands of years looked in the mouth and more specifically the tongue to diagnose.  I once had a client that was travelling to China regularly on business that told me of a restaurant that he was visiting for lunch where as patrons arrived, a Chinese doctor would view their tongue and recommend what they should have to eat for lunch that day to nutritionally support and heal their health issues.  Sometimes in life the simplest techniques are the wisest and I think these two examples bear this out.  In each case the patient/client is not talking or explaining his symptoms instead the body is speaking for itself and the healer is watching and paying attention with his eyes and his intuition for the clues.

“The renowned German physician, Dr. Reinhard Voll, based on more than forty years of research and observation, estimated that nearly 80% of all illness is related entirely or partially to problems in the mouth.”

Over 80 years ago Dr. Charles Mayo, founder of the world famous MAYO CLINIC noted that people who keep their teeth live an average of ten years longer than those who lose them.

Our mouth is connected to the rest of our body and therefore; I believe, that one can never discount anything no matter how seemingly un-connected it appears.   We are all individuals, with different DNA, habits and lifestyles and it’s a puzzle that needs to be solved from a holistic perspective.

ho·lis·tic definition

Pronunciation: /hō-ˈlis-tik/
Function: adj
1 : of or relating to holism
2 : relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts <holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body>
ho·lis·ti·cal·lyPronunciation: /-ti-k(ə-)lē/
Function: adv

Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary, © 2007 Merriam-Webster, Inc.   Source

In speaking of connections, I have recently been “disconnected” due to a dying laptop that has now been replaced.  I had not realized how much of my life revolved around that machine and I have come away with a newfound appreciation for the enormous amounts of information mine holds, which is good.  What is not so good is how much of my time it actually controls.  Therefore, I have decided to become better disciplined at how and when I use this wonder of technology so it serves me better and more importantly, to help me achieve the balance in my life that I so desperately seek on a daily basis.

During the next few weeks I will be exploring some of the recent studies on oral health and how it relates to whole-body/systemic health, as well as how whole-body health can in return affect our oral environment.

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