King City Ontario Dental Hygienist Opens Independent Practice

Woodland Dental Hygiene – An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Choose Woodland Dental Hygiene for your next oral health care appointment and you’ll find yourself sitting back, gazing through panoramic windows onto a tranquil woodland setting.  It’s peaceful and serene, a little oasis from your hectic day.

Opened in October of 2008, Woodland Dental Hygiene is one of over two hundred independent dental hygiene practices that are now operating in Ontario since legislation passed in September, 2007 allowing Registered Dental Hygienists to open their own practice without a dentist.  Increased public access and affordability are the cornerstones of this groundbreaking change to the way dentistry has traditionally practiced.

Situated on the environmentally sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine, Woodland Dental Hygiene is seeking to become the first dental office in Canada certified with the Eco-Dentistry Association.  As sole owner/operator I have employed many environmentally-friendly initiatives in the construction of my office such as reclaimed wood floors and furniture, no VOC’s paint, abundant natural light and fresh air.  Additionally, re-usable bibs, headrest/ tray covers and stainless steel cups are used to help reduce the disposables that typically go directly to landfill.  I have also installed a waterless suction unit that saves a whopping 35 gallons of water an hour compared to a traditional unit. And you won’t find a cuspidor, that little bowl you typically spit into, instead, clients spit into a funnel attached to a high volume suction saving even more water as well as being much more hygienic.

Working in and around York Region for over 25 years, I am passionate about my holistic approach to oral health: “My integrative/whole body approach is born of my commitment to preventative health in my own life and I believe that the opportunity to share this with others is creating a new and exciting model of oral health care delivery”.  Mixing my own polishing paste without dyes, flavorings and fluoride I am constantly monitoring products and services to be as natural and healthy as possible and I always welcome comments /suggestions from clients who share the same  philosophy.  Essential Oil Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies and soothing instrumental music provide a peaceful, relaxing backdrop to what can be for many a very stressful experience.  But rest assured this is every bit a professional office with stringent infection control protocols and a monitoring system that is up to hospital standards.

What happens when I need to see a dentist”?  Please remember that Registered Dental Hygienists are not able to diagnose but are fully trained to assess when there is a problem.   Clients at Woodland are quite comfortable having their re-care assessment and cleaning and not seeing a dentist.  However, when circumstances dictate, we will refer you to one of the many dentists or denturists that we collaborate with; each one being a personable and skilled practitioner that we highly recommend.

Woodland Dental Hygiene is open Monday to Friday 8-8 and Saturdays 8-4 and services are covered by most dental plans.

Phone # 905 833-4154



2 thoughts on “King City Ontario Dental Hygienist Opens Independent Practice

  1. Great job!
    I am a registered dental hygienist (of 23 years! wow where did the time go ) and am currently planning to open my own independent practice in a community where currently no dental hygienist has done so….quite exciting and the research is daunting!!but Im trudging away and hope to open doors soon!
    Reading your website has given me encouragement and the confidence to know I am doing the right thing!!
    Janet Baillie

  2. Hi Janet, Congratulations on the decision to open you own practice. It has an continues to be an exciting journey and I wish you all the best. Please remember to not sidestep the hard work/research and to do a proper business plan as that will help you tremendously.


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