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Woodland Dental Hygiene – Why I Write My Blog

I have received a number of comments over the last few weeks as to what my intentions are in writing my weekly blog that often addresses some very controversial topics in the field of oral health.  I have decided for the benefit of all who might wonder, that I would begin this week,  writing about my personal journey into the field of Whole Body Dentistry.

I have always been very passionate about holistic/integrative health and I began making key changes early in my adult life. I did not have any personal health issues that prompted me to explore alternative health modalities but did have parents whose health was somewhat precarious and was dealt with through a medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs.   Since many of their health problems could have been easily modified through diet and exercise I quickly decided that prevention was far easier in the long run. In fact, diet and exercise along with good oral health have been proven to be cornerstones in disease prevention and ultimately to living longer and healthier lives.

Early in my married life, I became a Macrobiotic Vegetarian.  The MD I was seeing at the time practiced naturopathically and his wife, who taught my Macrobiotic cooking classes had cured herself of deathbed cancer with this diet; very convincing right?  Unfortunately, my husband was never a fan and with three sons born in 3-1/2 years, I no longer had the time and energy to continue; as is the case with so many things that are better for us.   However, If you ask any of my family, they will tell you that good nutrition was always very important in our home and junk food, take-out, pop and even desert were non-existent.  I did my best.

More recently I added to my health and wellness knowledge base and became a personal trainer as fitness began to play a bigger role in my health.  Always wanting to understand why, I felt I needed to achieve this certification not just for my own knowledge but to assist the many others in my life that had questions and needed encouragement.  After all, “Knowledge is Power”.

I then read Dr. Michael Roizen’s book” Real Ageand learned from his research  that oral health was almost as important as diet and exercise in keeping our whole body healthy; finally, a connection  between the health of our mouth and the rest of our body.   And the best part was that when I educated my patients in this context they Got It!

Then, as so often is the case, a surprise came that changed my life!

Stay tuned!

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