Waging War on Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Why I Write My Blog  Part 6

Fotolia_40983729_XSa copyWhy I Write My Blog  Part 6

Last week I left you with the question:  Why did dentists who vehemently opposed mercury/amalgam fillings switch to their use? From my viewpoint, it is pretty obvious that there were financial reasons.  Losing money and patients to barber-dentists was the impetus to turn a blind-eye to the serious and known health hazards related to mercury fillings.

Mercury amalgam was and still is; durable, easy to use, highly resistant to wear and relatively inexpensive in comparison to other materials.

But, is it safe? History teaches us that the some early dentists still did not think so and subsequently there occurred in 1926 a ”Second “Amalgam War” after a German Physician, Dr. Albert Stock, showed that mercury escaped from fillings in the form of a dangerous vapor and could cause significant health issues.  Again, the ADA vigorously defended the use of mercury amalgams, despite science to the contrary.

In 1986, which is now deemed the “Third Amalgam War” after pressure from mounting clinical evidence the ADA was forced to acknowledge that mercury vapor does indeed escape from mercury fillings in  patients’ mouths, but, that mercury in those patients’ mouths is safe.

However, more recent scientific studies, most of which were done in the 1990’s have now revealed that:

1. Mercury in fillings continuously vaporizes into mouth air.

2. This mercury vapor is inhaled and swallowed into the body,

3. This mercury vapor is then widely distributed throughout the body, where it stays for very long periods.

4. Autopsy studies reveal a correlation between the amount of mercury in brain tissues and the number, size and number of surfaces of amalgam fillings in the mouth.

5. That mercury absorbed from these surfaces can cause changes in body chemistry and in organ functioning

So……….Where does this leave you, the public!!!!  What and who do you believe?

As a member of the public you have a right to know the danger of having mercury fillings in your mouth and that today, many physicians and dentists believe that heavy metal toxicity may well be the most overlooked problem in medicine and dentistry.

Low-level exposure may simply present over the years with a feeling of lethargy, mild chronic headaches, possible progression into arthritis, migraines or colitis and even into debilitating diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.

If you stand back and get some perspective on all of this, you may well see that dental personnel, working in a typical dental office, may very well be practicing in a very highly toxic and dangerous environment because of the constant, low levels of mercury they are exposed to on a daily basis.

I urge you if you have chronic health problems and still have mercury fillings in your mouth that there may be a connection.  You need to find a team of health care professional that support your health from this whole-body approach and who are willing to help you.

Next week I will be discussing the removal of your mercury amalgam fillings, because as dangerous as they are, removing them incorrectly could possibly cause you more health problems.

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