Should You Consider Having Your Mercury/ Amalgam Fillings Removed?

bigstock-Portrait-of-young-male-dentist-38579554It has been two weeks since my last blog post at which time I wrote about the possibility of elemental mercury exposure being an underlying component to a myriad of chronic health problems.   If you were to ask most dental professionals what they think about this possibility, they would likely disagree and defer to the American Dental Association’s stand on this issue; mercury/amalgam fillings are safe.

The problem may be rooted (pun intended) in the fact that the mercury exposure typically associated with amalgam fillings is a low level mercury poisoning (micromercurialism) which may present itself as: moodiness, memory loss, inability to concentrate, anxiety and even severe depression, all symptoms that are commonly thought to be caused by stress or aging.  But, not everyone believes this!

“Chronic, low-level heavy metal poisoning, especially with mercury, is a major health problem that has been virtually unrecognized.  As I have been testing for mercury poisoning, I am seeing heavy metal toxicity with increasing frequency, especially in patients with chronic degenerative diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, hypertension and autoimmune disease.  It is crucial to well-being to recognize this health threat.” Robban  Sica M.D.

I would also like to touch briefly on another threat related to mercury/amalgam fillings which has to do with its electrical conductivity.  It is a known scientific fact that when you place two different metals in a salt solution, similar to saliva, an electrical charge is created and essentially a battery has formed in the mouth.  This phenomenon has been recognized for many years and is referred to as Galvanic Current or Galvanism.   Mercury amalgam is typically made of five metals which are of concern on its own, but, add a gold or silver crown in the mouth and the electricity generated may increase/alter significantly.

We are energetic beings and at every minute billions of electrical impulses are messaging through our body organizing and supporting a series of highly-complex bodily processes.  It is not a far-off thought to reason that any electrical interference coming from our mouth might be creating disharmony and interfering with normal electrical signals.

Following is a list of symptoms taken directly from a study by E.S. Lain, et al, and published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) in 1936:

1.        Metallic or salty taste.

2.       Increased saliva.

3.       Burning or tingling sensation along the tongue.

4.       Occasional nerve shocks and pulp sensitivity from connecting restorations or by connections made with a spoon or fork.

5.       Pathological changes in blood, kidney or organs, probably caused by absorption of ionized toxic metals.

6.       Generalized discomfort in the mouth, irritability, indigestion, loss of weight and in some cases, reflex radiating neurologic pains through branches of the fifth trigeminal nerve.

So…… if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and feel that they may be related to conditions in your mouth, I suggest you begin with speaking to your dental professional  about your concerns.

Next week I will discuss how to find a dental professional that supports your decision to explore the possible dental causes of illness and what questions to ask about the safe removal of your mercury/amalgam fillings if you decide to have them replaced.

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