The Root Canal Cover-Up

19902298_sThe title for this week’s blog is “The Root Canal Cover-Up” and it is the title of a book written by Dr. George Meining. You can find out more information on the book or purchase it by clicking here.

Dr. George Meining was a leading authority on root canals and was one of the founders of The American Association of Endodontics.

During his dental career, Dr. Meining not only performed many root canals as a specialist, he traveled across the United States teaching the technique to other dentists.

After retiring, Dr. Meining decided to read all 1100+ pages of Dr. Weston Price’s work that was mentioned in my blog last week. Dr. Price published his impeccable research done in the early 1900’s in 2 volumes in 1923.

Now, what I find particularly interesting is that in the interim, (1915), the National Dental Association (now the American Dental Association) appointed Dr. Price as their first Research Director.  What is especially important to take note of here is this:  this very important information was covered up for over 70 years by a group that did not believe in his theories.

What Dr. Meining discovered as he read Dr. Price’s research work, was valid documentation of systemic illnesses resulting from latent infections lingering in filled roots.

Subsequently, Dr. Meining felt compelled to publish his own book “The Root Canal Cover-Up” based upon the research done by Dr. Weston Price.  In his book, Dr. Meining discusses how root canals and the “focal infections”  (bacterial infection limited to a specific organ or region especially one causing symptoms elsewhere) they produce, can be the possible source of a myriad of chronic, degenerative diseases with heart disease being first, followed by arthritic/joint disease.

The belief is that not every person that has a root canal filled is made sick but that every root canal has created a focal infection and the variable is how strong and healthy the person’s immune system is.

So…… what does this mean for you and me?  As I mentioned in my blog last week, I too still have a tooth within my mouth that had a root canal performed on it!  My immune system is in great shape now and as a result is able to deal with the bacteria and their toxins.   However, I am seriously contemplating having the tooth out to prevent the burden it is causing to my immune system and before anything serious occurs with my general health.

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