Woodland Dental Hygiene Achieves Eco Dentistry Association Certification

1st Canadian Dental Office to Achieve Eco-Dentistry Dental Office Certification Status

Last Friday I was notified by telephone that after submission of a very detailed and rigorous application, I had achieved one of dentistry’s highest standards of eco-friendly practice!

Having been a member of the Eco-Dentistry Association since opening my practice two years ago, I am committed to a dental profession that values both outstanding client care and outstanding planetary care.  I recognize that as a dental professional, we make decisions every day which impact the public’s health and the health of our Earth.

For friends who know me or follow my blog, you are aware that personal health issues caused me to retire from the dental office I had practiced in for many years and spend some time re-evaluating my life and my work.  It became apparent to me from reflection and further study, that dental offices can be very toxic and dangerous places to work.  In seeking to provide an environment that respected my entire health and well-being, it became obvious that what was good for me, would also be good for my clients and good for the planet.

The GreenDOCTM Program covers eight categories of eco-friendly practice, providing a comprehensive, eco-friendly model for the dental office that makes it easy to choose the ones that are right for your practice – and to communicate your high standards to your clients!  Following is a list of the eight categories:

I am committed in all that I do as I move forward in life and in business, to make decisions that reflect my respect for all living things.

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2 thoughts on “Woodland Dental Hygiene Achieves Eco Dentistry Association Certification

  1. Dear Kathleen:
    Congratulations on your most recent award. I applaud your accomplishment and your dedication to a safe and eco friendly practice practice. The photos of your practice illustrate that an eco friendly dental practice can be beautifully designed and executed.
    I have devoted alot of my dental blog to green dentistry. Its great to learn that share the same passion. Sincerely, Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I checked your site out as well and I can see that we do indeed share many of the same values.



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