My Juice Feast Experience

bigstock-Happy-brunette-with-juicer-ful-49012304I have recently finished a group-based juice-feast that was overseen and supported by my wonderful naturopathic doctor, Celeste Frenette.

Deciding to do a detox during the holiday party scene has been a bit of a stretch but I can attest to the boundless energy I have been blessed with that saw me complete virtually all my Christmas shopping in a relaxed, but grounded two days.

It really was a special time to take care of myself and my body and luckily my schedule, with no help from me, morphed into a mini-retreat.

I did not find this juice-feast at all difficult, in fact, I rather enjoyed and looked forward to creating my own concoctions every three hours unless I had to pack for the road.  I let my body dictate exactly what it felt like having from my large green Rubbermaid container and with a little common sense regarding flavors, nothing ended up going down the drain.

In essence, juicing provides you with many more nutrients than you would ever be able to attain with a typical meal with the added advantage of giving your body a digestive break so it can redirect that energy to other things like cleansing and healing.  I enjoyed this experience so much that I am going to endeavor to make juicing a daily habit for at least one if not two of my meals.

I did find it somewhat of a challenge when attending a rather large Christmas party to bring my supposedly indiscreet thermos to the table; it was either this or not attend.  My thermos and its delectable contents sat upon my dinner plate becoming the centre of an on-going, round-table discussion on nutrition and health that punctuated the entire evening.

I know that many people choose to cleanse to lose weight and while I did lose a few pounds what I gained was greater:  clarity of mind, inner peace, conscious breathing and being and most of all a refreshing night’s sleep.  Most nights I actually slept right through, something that has evaded me completely for the last few years!!   Gee…..Let me think….. probably since I turned 50 and became menopausal!

So…… do enjoy the holidays, and if during those new year’s resolution promises you decide to add a cleanse, consider contacting Celeste at Mahalo Naturopathic Centre for some advice and maybe think about joining one of her juice-feast groups and enjoy the added benefit of a weekly class and group support.

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