Protecting My Woodland Setting

bigstock-Wooden-Bench-49056614a copyHappy New Year to all who per chance are reading my first post of 2011!

It was personally a very relaxing holiday for me this year and so I have had some wonderful, unhurried and introspective time to reflect on the events of 2010 and how they have shaped the person that is sitting and writing this today.

I want you all to know that that last paragraph was written yesterday morning and then “all hell broke loose”!

I was working in my office alongside my bookkeeper/sister/best friend Nancy getting paperwork done and odds and ends tidied up after the holidays when there was a knock at my door. My husband Paul had decided to take this week off so he was home to answer the door.  A burly, clad-in-orange, hydro employee greeted Paul with the news that after checking the hydro lines it would appear that there have been “brown-outs” occurring on our street and as a result some trees along the hydro line have to come down.  My husband decided it was best to accompany this jolly and very patient man down to the main street to go over the selected trees together and he commented that my husband was very calm and understanding compared to most people that he has to make this announcement to.

“42” trees have to come down from in front of our property and the adjacent neighbor’s property whose lot line angles over in front of our house, so the majority of these trees are actually in front of our home.  They are all evergreens and therefore completely screen our home from the road and lend an elegant and beautiful feel to the woodland border.  According to this knowledgeable and I did say “patient” expert, they have the right to clear-cut a 30 foot swath under the hydro lines if they so choose.  But here is the kicker………When we purchased this property and built this home six years ago, the Township of King required us to hire environmental experts at the beginning of our project (very costly as we not only had to pay for this but we had to provide a secure letter of credit of $5000.00 as well) and at the end to provide written reports, recommendations and a final release that we had adhered to all aspects of protecting our woodland setting situated on the environmentally sensitive; Oak Ridges Moraine.  We were informed, that not one tree could come down without the Township knowing and pictures were taken at the beginning to ensure there was a visual record.

Anger and grief have been vying for dominance in my emotional repertoire but I keep coming back with deep breaths and surrender in order to determine my next steps.  These trees represent who I am and the environmental principles that my business, Woodland Dental Hygiene is founded upon. Stay tuned next week, this should get very interesting.

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2 thoughts on “Protecting My Woodland Setting

  1. I dont think so. Dental Hygiene profession is being abused by the colleges with all these rules and regulations read what they say about the Toronto Dental Hygienist profession in Toronto. This is unacceptable…

  2. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for your comments. This is a difficult time for many dental hygienists as the profession is transitioning and it is difficult for many to stay current with changes in regulations and legislation. I hope that you had a chance to attend one of the CDHO presentations “Setting the Record Straight” as I know it helped me tremendously

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