Saving My Woodland Setting – The Compromise

My Tree Crisis

I decided last week that I would approach Hydro with the compromise my friend Gloria came up with last week on how to save my beautiful trees and the natural privacy and easy elegance they bestow to our woodland home.  I had them on my list of calls to make Friday morning and was out for my daily walk with the dogs when a thunderous rumbling approached from around the bend ahead.  You guessed it!  We were told anytime within the next three months but here they were; bucket trucks, chainsaws and a wood chipper in tow… ready for business!

I hand-signaled that I needed to speak with them and sort of jumped in front of the trucks!  I am sure I looked and sounded like a babbling fool, but the young men got out of their trucks and listened to my story with quiet respect. The young (they really were young) man who appeared to be in charge said that he would phone his supervisor and that I had his word that they would not touch my trees until I had spoken with him.

Upon returning home I made a phone call to the environmental firm we had hired to do the pre and post-construction reports for our property when we built.  I felt I would undoubtedly find a very sympathetic ear here given the following mission statement:

The mission of North-South Environmental Inc. is to apply the highest level of technical advice and understanding to environmental and ecological challenges in support of our clients’ needs. This will be undertaken in a manner that ensures the successful integration of a respect for nature with human development endeavors, within an ecologically sustainable framework.”

I spoke with Leah Lefler the young (again) lady that worked on our post-construction report to the Township of King.  She, as I expected, was very understanding and said that she would speak to the owner of the company and see what collectively they would advise.  They suggested that I contact the District Forester at the Ministry of Natural Resources for my area which just happens to be around the corner in Aurora.  I telephoned Bohdan Kowalyk R.P.F. immediately and he said he would try to drop by, have a look and see what advice he might offer.  He rang the bell within a few hours and after reviewing the situation, concurred with the proposal that I was presenting to Hydro and added a few more insights to ponder. Oh that we were all as passionate and quick to act on behalf of the environment as these people.

I will bid you adieu for this week and leave you all in suspense and anticipation of next week’s post!

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P.S. This is an actual picture of some of the trees in question and if you look closely you can see those hideous fluorescent orange “H”’s


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