Saving My Woodland Setting – The Resolution

I left off last week waiting for a call/visit from a supervisor from Hydro after halting the crew as they were beginning their removal of all the marked trees on our street.

A very polite and kindly man, “Dave the Supervisor”, came to my door at around three and after my further explaining the dilemma, he asked if I would accompany him down to the street and go over all the trees that were marked.

Now I have to admit, that within the group slated for removal, there were a few spindly specimens that would not be missed, but I pointed out the many evergreens that I just could not bear to part with as they would affect not only our privacy but the beauty of the forest edge.  So I suggested the compromise; that hydro top the trees for now so they are well below the hydro wires and then we will plant a number of new evergreens in behind them in the spring, and when they are mature enough to provide adequate privacy they can take the originally pruned trees down.

Dave on behalf of Hydro agreed to my compromise and came back the next morning with a can of brown spray-paint to cover the fluorescent orange “H’s” and together we un-marked the trees.

The Hydro crew worked their way up the street and arrived on Thursday morning to tackle my property.  I went out early to make sure once again that we were all in agreement about what was staying and what was going.

I had clients for most of the day so I did not watch and really….I did not want to watch anyway.  I did go out at lunch and took some pictures of them working and then the next day when the trucks had cleared had a good look!  Yes, there is not quite as much privacy with a number of trunks missing now, but, unless you look up you really can’t tell the difference, it still looks beautiful

I must admit; I am happy and so is Hydro, so in the end it has all worked out for everyone.  I owe a large debt of gratitude to Gloria who understood the situation and came up with a viable solution; THANKS GLORIA!!!!!!!!

P.S. See if you can tell the difference

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