Mercury Detoxification: Preparing For The Program


I am writing this week’s edition of my “Mouth to Mouth” blog as the sun rises over the gently rolling surf of the Gulf of Mexico.  I am giving my body and soul a break from the routine of everyday life as I begin to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for my upcoming “Mercury Detoxification Program”.

Why am I doing this?

There is no longer any question for me that mercury is a very toxic substance and that based upon  the information that I have gained through reading and studying, I now believe that the mercury from dental fillings can directly/indirectly cause, contribute to or intensify nearly every disease known!

My personal health is excellent at present but I have some underlying symptoms that have me concerned and therefore, along with other preventive/healing protocols, I intend to follow the specific mercury removal program outlined in Dr. Tom McGuire’s book, “Mercury Detoxification”.

Another major reason for beginning this program has to do with my sister Nancy and her health.  We know after her having EAV testing, that she has very high levels of heavy metals in her body and that this may be contributing to her lack of energy, muscle /joint pain and thyroid complications. She is currently having all of her mercury amalgams removed and considering removal of three root-canalled teeth that may also be undermining her health as well.  Nancy has had numerous tests and seen many specialists and is frustrated and fed-up with trying to find out what is wrong with her health.   Additionally, I have dragged her to numerous “alternative” practitioners and she is becoming weary with this as well!

Therefore, we are embarking on this “Mercury Detoxification Program” together.   It will allow us to support one another, learning as we go and provide accurate documentation of subjective and objective tests that will monitor the effectiveness of the program.

I do not wish to go into all the signs and symptoms of chronic mercury exposure and whether this program might be for you… instead I will direct you to Dr. McGuire’s website where he goes into great detail.

If anyone decides that they might like to go through this program with Nancy and me, please let me know.  I especially welcome all my dental colleagues as I believe that documenting our tests and results might be very interesting due to our high-risk for mercury exposure having worked in traditional “dental offices”!

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2 thoughts on “Mercury Detoxification: Preparing For The Program

  1. I was wondering about the effectiveness of Dr Tom McGuire’s mercury detox program. How did it go? How long did it take? please email me a response. Thx!

  2. Hi Danni,

    I was not able to personally complete the program at the time as I wanted to do this in conjunction with a naturopathic doctor to monitor it all and was unable to find one that really understood the process or wanted to learn about it.

    I am delighted to say that I have recently become acquainted with a naturopath who does have an approach to her practice that involves everything dental, so hopefully, within the next few months we will begin to work together on it!

    In Health


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