Soap to Brush Your Teeth? – My Response

bigstock-Brushing-Teeth-I-473756Early yesterday two friends both sent me a link to the same blog post on brushing your teeth with bar soap or commercial tooth soap within a few minutes of each other!


The blog was written by Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, a medical journalist with a private practice in Toronto in response to a report by Dr. Gerald F. Judd, professor emeritus of chemistry at Purdue University, who recommends using bar soap or commercial tooth soap instead of toothpaste!

According to Dr. Judd, all toothpastes contain glycerin which coats the teeth with a sticky film and prevents the enzyme adenosine diphosphatase (ADP) from providing phosphate to rebuild enamel.  He goes on to state that this oily substance often takes 20 or more rinses to remove.

Dr. Judd, like myself, is also against sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and fluoride so he now has my attention and therefore,  from my perspective, this means that most commercial  toothpastes might be worse to use than nothing at all.

Even better, Dr. Judd states that soap kills bacteria and viruses and removes oils like glycerin thereby allowing for greater remineralization of enamel.

Dr. Gifford –Jones in response to this information states that he is going to put it to the test and will report back in three months with the results.  The good doctor suggests that “all hell” from the dental profession would descend upon him as a result of this information.

He states in his post that he admires people who have the fortitude to question well-established theories that may be wrong; I second that opinion, would like to thank him for publishing this information and look forward to hearing his results in three months time!

What do you think?

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17 thoughts on “Soap to Brush Your Teeth? – My Response

  1. While on a search for a solution to my terribly sensitive teeth, I found Dr. Judd’s research back in 2004. Being a soapmaker, I tried my personal soap and found it to clean my teeth better than any toothpaste ever had. My sensitivity stopped within a week and I’ve been using our Tooth Chips – Soap for Teeth ever since. My dental checkups are wonderful and my mouth continues to feel healthy and vibrant. We’ve sold our SLS, Fluoride Free ‘Tooth Chips’ all over the world and have received thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers. Some with major dental issues have seen remarkable results which is the reason we began producing this product for consumers. Our goal has always been to see healing and natural wholeness come to families that are willing to try something safe, effective and out of the main stream.

  2. I too was sent this article and immediately looked for a natural soap to use as I think commercial soap has glycerin (most natural soaps also) and chemicals. I found a non-glycerin one and noticed an improvement in my teeth immediately. This looked good until I talked to a herbalist and soap maker who told me any soap has the wrong PH balance for the mouth tissues…bummer!!! She gave me a recipe for coconut oil with sea salt but I didn’t feel this cleaned very well. Next step was to go to Nature’s Emporium where hidden amongst all the natural but glycerin containing toothpastes was one from Australia that I have just started using.

  3. Natures Emporium also sells tooth soap but it is $18 for a very small container. They also sell 2 types of tooth powders without glycerin. If you discover anything that works let me know.

  4. Hi Jim, My apologies for being unable to respond to your comments until now.

    Are you using a tooth soap or paste from Australia?

    I now carry 4oz containers of Tooth Chips (tooth soap) for $14.95 and 2 oz Eco-Dent Toothpowders: DailyCare (Baking Soda and Sea Salt) for 6.49 and ExtraBrite (same as dailycare plus peroxide for whitening) for 7.89. I have been using the ExtraBrite for a couple of months (bought at Nature’s Emporium) and I love it. I will be trying the tooth chips along with some of my clients who agreed to be test samples and will post our results.


  5. Hi Monica, Many thanks for responding to my blog post about tooth soap. I have my first clients beginning to try your product, “Tooth Chips” and I will be reporting back on the results after their next appointments.

    In Health, Kathleen

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  8. Curious about any updates with the soap brushing, did anyone stick with it? or have a testimony to share?

  9. Hi Amy,

    Unfortunately, we had problems with the supply of this product as the store we were purchasing it from no longer carries it. Additionally, the manufacturer did not respond to our request for wholesale pricing as it is prohibitively expensive. I did order some in recently for a client who really likes the product and is okay with it’s really high price point. No matter how good a product is though, if we don’t have a manufacturer/distributor willing to work with myself and my clients it makes it very difficult to proceed. I hope this helps answer your query.

    In health, Kathleen

  10. I know this an older post. But tooth soap has come a long way. I wanted to add this to this article and I hope you find this well.

    Lately there has been a lot of buzz on the internet about soap for teeth. Dr. Norman Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association and one of the world’s leading experts in pain management, recently gave a strong recommendation for Opa Toothbars™ – teeth soap – on his weekly radio show.
    Shealy, respected world-wide for his innovative and successful rehabilitation approach in over 30,000 patients, has long prescribed brushing teeth with soap, rather than toothpaste. The reason, according to Shealy, soap prevents gingivitis, which is caused by bacteria lodged in the gum pockets.

    “There is a better way to brush your teeth, it is with a tooth soap Opa (O-P-A) Toothbar. It’s the finest thing in the world to brush your teeth. I like the turmeric; the turmeric has a great deal of extra antioxidants effects but there are other flavors. Far better, far less expensive than toothpaste and cleans your teeth; cleans, cleans, cleans your teeth better than any toothpaste in the world- Opa Toothbar.”

    “I can now five star rate O’pa Turmeric Toothbar™. It is the best ever. No need for any mouth wash or any other tooth cleanser!”

    C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. Shealy Wellness
    Amy Savvenas´s last blog post ..Who Is Dr. Norm sHEALy

  11. Hi Amy,

    I do believe that soap is a wonderful product to use for brushing based on the properties it displays. I have found it rather difficult to find a reasonably priced, readily available product for the public, so thanks very much for drawing my attention to the Opa Toothbar… I will order some samples and check it out!

    In Health

    Kathleen Bernardi RDH

  12. I have started making my tooth soap with castile soap, coconut oil, a bit of bicarb, xylitol and pepermint oil. It tastes…..ok ish and seems to do a quite good job. Obviosly it is quite cheap too so win, win!

  13. Wow. Soap for brushing? Reminds me of when I was young and my grandma would threaten to wash my mouth out with soap!

    At least there is some science rooted in this sentiment. But, alas, I think I’ll stick to my good ole toothpaste.

  14. Simon Wakiriah MukurinuMukurinu
    I first used sunlight bar only to realise it was heavily perfumed. Other soaps were so heavy on lye, thus I had to handcraft my own bar soap that I called Waxon soapstone. After I had used the Waxon Soap Stone for a week my teeth had brightened almost five shades; my gums were hearthy; my teeth were firm; no more foul smel; tartar was gone; gums had stopped bleeding.

    Then my wife and children started using the soap though hesitantly, with time they were all used to it.

    Having been a certified herbal practitioner, I started making and selling Waxon Dental Soap. The feedback from my clients is more than encouraging.

    Let us continue questioning those well established but wrong theories that came into existence through pseudoscience.

  15. Being a herbalist I can say natural non perfumed barsoap is best with teeth. The question of PH depends on the proportions between lye and oils.

    My handcrafted dental soap has a PH of between 6.4 and 7.2. As long as the soap is cold processed, the PH is easy to determine.

  16. Can anyone recommend a natural soap bar for teeth that’s easy to buy in the UK? Unfortunately I can’t purchase the OPA toothbar in the UK and I’m confused by the many ingredients that different soap bars contain. Thanks

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