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In response to last week’s blog I received a comment from the maker of Tooth Chips – a natural & safe toothpaste alternative for cleaning teeth to which I will be responding to today as well.

Not only does this product come in a variety of flavor and ingredient combinations, it’s what it doesn’t have that excites me!

1.       No Fluoride

2.       No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

3.       No Triclosan(anti-bacterial agent)

4.       No Artificial Dyes

5.       No Artificial sweeteners

6.       No Glycerin

Some of the ingredients these products do have, include Xylitol which I have written extensively about in the past due to its antibacterial/saliva stimulating properties and Neem Bark.

Neem Bark has anti-inflammatory properties and comes from the Neem tree which is predominately found in Asia and India.  Natives typically chew the ends into bristles and then gently clean the teeth with them.

I have a client who grew up in India who told me of these sticks many years ago and how effective they were.  I should have done the research then!

While I am quite happy with my current Rotadent electric toothbrush, I would like to try a few Tooth Chips products as some of my clients and I are currently testing a number of natural oral health care alternatives to see which ones we like, provide results and are cost effective.

I will be calling to place my order within the next few days, so if anyone reading this information would like to try them, let me know and I will add to the order and if they prove to fit my criteria, look for them on the product shelf at Woodland Dental Hygiene in the near future.

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4 thoughts on “Soap For Teeth

  1. Found your blog via twitter. As a dental student, some of these claims worry me, and the perception that you are trying to leave. You do say that you prefer your electric toothbrush but it appears you are encouraging readers/patients to use this toothpaste instead of a fluoride based dentifrice. How does this product remineralize incipient lesions? How does it prevent bacterial adhesion? How does it prevent bacterial metabolism? Are there any studies showing positive evidence of these claims? Without this information, it seems this is a ploy to have uneducated individuals, who trust your medical/dental advice, into buying a product with no proven claims. The ADA has not approved this product for cavity protection. A quick search also found it was not FDA approved to treat the problems it claims. Also, as a hygienist, do you believe Fluoride, topically administered, has negative effect to the dentition? If no, then would you recommend this product over a fluoride dentifrice? If yes, how is it going to help patients oral health?
    Daniel´s last blog post ..Blood Work Embryology Competency

  2. Hi Daniel, My apologies at not being able to respond to your comments before now. In my personal opinion as an Independent Dental Hygienist, I do not believe in fluoride, especially water fluoridation and if you are following the EPA recommendations in the United States there is grave concern over the toxic levels of fluoride being ingested. While topical fluoride has benefits it can be very dangerous if ingested and it also has possible side-effects. I believe that there are alternatives that are proven helpful without the other worries such as:

    Xylitol which stimulates saliva and disturbs bacteria metabolism on a number of fronts allowing the tooth to remineralize itself. Please find a number of studies (you can copy these links into your browser to find the information) which follow to support these theories:

    Saliva Stimulants and the Oral Health of Geriatric Patients. Adv. Dent. Res. 1995; 9; 125.

    Xylitol pediatric topical oral syrup to prevent dental caries: a double blind, randomized clinical trial of efficacy. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2009 July ; 163(7): 601–607. doi:10.1001/archpediatrics.2009.77.

    Sugar Alcohols, Caries Incidence, and Remineralization of Caries Lesions: A Literature Review Kauko K. Makinen, 2010. Xylitol Gum and Maternal Transmission of Mutans Streptococci. J. Dent. Res., 2010

    MI Paste and MI Paste Plus with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) which has a special milk-derived protein that is a breakthrough in oral health care in helping to remineralize teeth.

    Reynolds EC, J Dent Res. 1997; 76: 1587-1595.

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    Reynolds EC, Cai F, Shen P, Walker GD. J Dent Res. 2003; 82(3): 206-211.

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    A, Burrow MF, Tyas MJ, Dashper SG, Eakins D, Reynolds EC. J. Dent. Res. 2003 82: 914-918.

    X-Pur Tooth Revitalizing Paste with Calcium sodium phosphosilicate (NovaMin®)

    Tubule occlusion of a NovaMin-containing dentifrice compared to Recaldent-containing dentifrice – a Remin/Demin study in vitro, NovaMin®.

    I would also like to comment that ADA/FDA approval is not always a good marker, just look at what is happening with the whole water fluoridation and Mercury amalgam controversy in the States which is being fuelled by the public. I am challenging people to educate themselves so that they can make informed decisions.

    Lastly, I believe that diet plays a greater role in caries prevention than we currently realize and not just from a sucrose standpoint. I would challenge you to have a look at the work of Dr. Weston Price.

    I will leave you with the following quote:

    An educated person is one who has learned that information almost always turns out to be at best incomplete and very often false, misleading, fictitious, mendacious – just dead wrong. ~R. Baker

    In Health,


  3. Hello:

    You mention what this product doesn’t have, but have failed to mention what it does have; in as far as ingredients. This is somewhat disturbing to me.


  4. Hi Jenny and thanks for your comment! My apologies for not listing the ingredients in the tooth soap that I recommend in my practice. Here is a list of the ingredients and if you have any further questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Ingredients: Saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Sodium olivate), Saponified Coconut Oil (Sodium Cocoate), Saponified Organic Palm Oil (Sodium palmate), Xylitol, essential oils,

    In Health,


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