Something Has Changed

I am safely home and back into somewhat of a routine after my quasi business trip with Paul, my husband, to Italy and Spain, but something inside me has changed!

Our twelve day tour starting in Rome and ending in Barcelona was filled with the shared company of family and friends as we delighted in a sensuous journey of history, art, architecture, food and drink.  There is nothing quite like an afternoon spent lazily sipping wine under a shaded canopy in a centuries-old piazza, watching the locals and the tourists intertwined as they pass in a casual stroll.  No loud voices, no frantic rush to beat that clock…… La Dolce Vita!

Alas, it is but a holiday, a break from the routine of the everyday life as all great holidays should be and reality is but a plane ride away.

The first leg of our return home began with a two hour Lufthansa flight from Barcelona to Frankfurt.  I picked up and scanned the airline’s magazine as we settled in and read an article highlighting the very important work of a lifetime Lufthansa mechanic (my father performed the same job in the Canadian military), responsible for re-tooling parts of the landing gear at regular intervals to insure its safety.  This story caused me to reflect on the efficiency and preciseness that embody for me the essence of the German people and with this in mind I settled back to enjoy our daylight flight over the French and Swiss Alps.

Paul and I viewed the landscape below as we began our descent into Frankfurt and discussed what an agriculturally rich area this appeared to be.  Interspersed with a multitude of tiny villages and forests, from the air it looked lush and enchanting, definitely a destination to explore in the future.

Looking out the window as the tarmac came into view I instinctively knew that something was not right!  We were on too steep and angle for our approach and we were moving much too fast.  Within a split second we slammed onto the runway and because of the incredible velocity of the downward-thrust of the plane, we immediately bounced back into the air and then slammed down onto the ground a second time.  Out-of-control, our aircraft lurched into the air again and this time began to careen to the left!  Within seconds, by the grace of God, an incredible upward thrust lifted the nose and we shot back into the air!

I am writing this blog so you know that we landed safely, but a different person got off that plane!

Have you had an experience like this? I l’d love your feedback.

Until next time,

6 thoughts on “Something Has Changed

  1. Hi Kathleen.
    I am so relieved to read that you are okay. I have had similar experiences dealing with a serious car accident a couple of years ago, a couple of sketchy airplane incidents and the death of my mother.
    Facing eternity had a lasting impact on me – it pushes me to define and re-define who I want to be on the active side of infinity.
    Take care,
    Vanessa´s last blog post ..Groundhog… mmm- yummy!

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    You trip sounds like it was wonderful through Italy and Spain. I’m so thankful you were all okay after your life threatening landing. Take care, and God bless.

  3. Wow..Cathy…I could only imagine how your life has happy to hear that you landed safely. Something like that really makes you aware of how things can change on a dime. I don’t know if you remember me but I am a friend of Nancy Palmers and used to visit her at the mall when you worked there with her. Our kids were also in the hospital at the same time probably around 1989 or 90 at York Central…my husband Gord stayed the nights with Ashley…and would have it no other way.
    Glad to hear you are safe and sound..I read your posts all the time.
    Take care and keep well,
    Carrie (Common) Edmeades

  4. Hi Carrie,

    Thanks for your comment and yes a split second can make all the difference. I have a “not great” memory for some things, were you not also a friend of my sister Evelyn? Do you still keep in touch with Nancy? Please say hi if you do. I think you are right about the year that our son Michael was in the hospital for tests and I do remember your husband Gord! I also seem to remember him being at our house for a Jack and Jill for Paul John’s and Lori Cox. Nice to hear from you!

    In Health,


  5. Hi Vanessa,

    My apologies for not responding to your comment sooner and congratulations on your well-fought campaign. I just love the way you articulated defining and re-defining on the active side of infinity. I became ill right after getting home and I think it is all a universal conspiracy to re-evaluate my life and my reasons for being here, yet again!

    In Health,


  6. Hi Ginny, Thanks for your comment and blessings! With a few weeks under my belt I can now look back and remember highlights of the trip and not just the mis-landing.

    In Health,


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