Health Canada Report: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

14796473_sa copyIn this week’s FAN (Fluoride Action Network) newsletter, we were informed that Health Canada released its final report on water fluoridation on June 20, 2011.

In the words of FAN’s director, Paul Connett:

“Their preliminary report made available for public comment in 2009 looked very much like the self-fulfilling prophecy that we had expected.  In this, their dismissal of concerns on fluoride’s impact on the brain, which was both superficial and incomplete, was based largely on the conclusion of the “panel of six” which imperiously had declared that the “weight of the evidence” indicated that fluoride did not lower IQ.  What “weight of evidence”?  By 2009 there had been 23 studies published in China, India, Iran and Mexico that had found an association between lowered IQ and moderate exposure to fluoride and only 1 small study from NZ published in 1986 that had reported no association!  Not to mention over 100 animal studies indicating fluoride can enter and damage the brain, and three human fetal brain studies and two human behavioral studies”.

FAN along with other concerned citizens and scientists submitted their comments to Health Canada specifically pointing out the scientific inadequacies of their 2009 preliminary report and sadly, virtually all their concerns and references were ignored by Health Canada in their final report.

I agree with Mr. Connett’s key question:

“Why are civil servants at Health Canada (and the health agencies in other fluoridated countries) determined to keep this practice going at all costs, including forsaking honest science and the public’s health”?

Meanwhile, I received a notice in my mail last week from the Region of York announcing important information about changes to the King City Water Supply.  It would appear that due to the water supply upgrading occurring in the community of King City with lake-based water from the York Water System, residents will now be subjected to fluoridated water.

While I am on well water personally, I am greatly concerned about the health and well-being of my neighbors and challenge all of my King Community to educate themselves on the dangers of water fluoridation and the fact that you do not have a choice about this drug being added to your drinking water.

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2 thoughts on “Health Canada Report: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

  1. I am also on well water – pure stuff that has not yet been first spewed out of someone else’s house as sewage, then pumped full of chemicals by the government.

    My toothpastes has fluoride – why is it being added to city water that lot’s of poor urban-dwellers have no choice but to drink?

  2. Hi David, We are very fortunate to be on well water aren’t we!

    You can find a toothpaste without fluoride if you so choose, but as noted, some people do not have a choice about the water they drink and therefore our law-makers need to be asked that question.

    In Health,


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