CDC Water Fluoridation Stance Long Influenced by Dentists

I received an email from a client/friend with a link to new information about the fluoride cover-up by dental professionals and a suggestion not to re-invent the wheel.

The link is to a blog on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website and following is an excerpt:

“In April, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) responded to an FOIA request asking for the names and job descriptions of all parties at the CDC who have had input into the agency’s decision to support water fluoridation.

As it turns out, ever since the mid-1970’s, when fluoridation activities transferred from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to the CDC under the directorship of William Bock, dental health professionals have been the sole body of experts directing the agency’s stance on water fluoridation. Glaringly absent from this list are… well, any health expert outside the Oral Health Division. Apparently, no toxicologist has ever been directly involved in the decision process; nor any minority health professionals, or experts on internal medicine or diabetes, for example.

This flies in the face of what the agency claims, and what water-, health- and political leaders have believed about the way the CDC operates. Without these additional experts from other fields, can we reasonably believe that the agency has properly assessed the research on whole-body harm from fluoridation”?

“The documentation intensifies focus on the motivations behind CDC’s and EPA’s fluoride safety statements that appear at odds with current scientific knowledge,” the Fluoride Action Network says in its press release.

For those of you who would like to read the complete blog post, please click here.

In my next blog post, I will be discussing who this outspoken Dr. Mercola is and why we can trust his advice!

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