Periodontal Disease May Delay Conception

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Oral care in pregnancyA new Australian study involving 3416 pregnant women has shown that periodontal disease may delay the time needed for conception an average of two months.

University of Australia researchers found that women with gum disease need an average of seven months to become pregnant while the average is around five months for women with healthy gums.

Periodontal Disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bones that support the teeth.  Previous studies have linked gum disease with a number of other health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, respiratory ailments, low birth weight/pre-term babies and impotence in men.

While the mechanisms involved in the oral/systemic relationship are still being studied, what is clear is that chronic inflammation appears to be the cause of a chain of reactions that may affect other organs such as the reproductive system.

Since Periodontal Disease is a modifiable risk factor, the scientists in the study emphasize the importance of good oral health and that dental hygiene is just a part of “a whole package of healthy lifestyle”.

Researchers further suggest that women who are considering becoming pregnant should consult with a dental professional to make sure they do not have gum disease.

Just one more reason why we need to be proactive about our entire health and well-being.

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2 thoughts on “Periodontal Disease May Delay Conception

  1. This is just another example of how oral care is part of a patients overall health. Oral care has been linked to other health issues in patients, most notably oral cancers, in the past and it just goes to show how important dentistry is for patients! Dentists are sometimes the first ones able to diagnose a bigger problem due to their constant interaction with patients – just another reason why dentists can be life savers!

  2. Thanks for your comment Shane! I agree that dental professionals are often the first to notice subtle changes in the mouth and I think that in the future we are going to see an even greater interdisciplinary approach to health between medicine and dentistry.

    In Health,


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