Natural Toothpaste Even Kills Toothbrush Bacteria

In my never-ending quest to find oral health care products that provide therapeutic benefits for the mouth without all the nasty toxins that most popular brands contain, I have come across a new product by the name Seanol.

Seanol Toothpaste is made from the extract of the raw seaweed ecklonia cava and according to recent research is one of the most complex bioflavonoids ever discovered! A powerful antioxidant, Seanol has extraordinary protective powers and is especially effective at quenching inflammation.

The biggest enemy in your mouth is “biofilm”, otherwise known as “plaque”. Biofilms are actually complex colonies of microorganisms that can be very toxic due to their unique ability to sustain and protect each other.

Eliminating plaque biofilm and its toxic byproducts is essential if one is trying to obtain optimal oral health and this product has powerful, germ-blocking, anti-bacterial properties necessary to accomplish such.

This powerful bioflavonoid also has additional synergistic actions for oral health that include anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and improvement in gum tissue circulation.

However, Seanol Toothpaste also had the unique ability to do something that no other toothpaste can do. It directly controls bacterial growth on your toothbrush!

I have yet to see this product on our local shelves but see that it can be purchased from many on-line stores at this time and you can visit the website found by clicking here.  If anyone decides to try it, I would appreciate your feedback on what you think and how it works!  On this blog, you’ll get commentluv.  This is a great opportunity to leave a link back to your own blog when you leave a comment!

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2 thoughts on “Natural Toothpaste Even Kills Toothbrush Bacteria

  1. Why does Seanol toothpaste have the ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, an ingredient that may cause cancer?
    What good is it to have healthy ingredients in the same product that has a potentially dangerous one?

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment about Seanol toothpaste. I could not agree with you more about SLS being one of its components and hence do not recommend it. It has been exceedingly difficult to find a product that contains everything we do want and eliminates everything we don’t want!

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