Is Fluoride an Illegal Drug?

bigstock-Handcuffs-40634026a copyLast month, members of the York Region Dental Hygiene Society, of which I am a member, had the privilege of listening to a presentation by Dr. Hardy Limeback on; Fluorides in Dentistry: Are They Helpful or Hazardous?

For those of you who might not be familiar with Dr. Limeback PhD DDS, he is the head of Preventive Dentistry at the University of Toronto and has been an outspoken opponent to water fluoridation for a number of years now.

The information he presented was informative and enlightening but most of all it was provocative as much of what he presented contradicts what dental professionals have been taught  about water fluoridation and flies in the face of position statements issued by dental associations and regulatory bodies.

While Dr. Limeback concedes that there is a need and a place for topical fluoride application, he cautions that it must be client-centered and specifically targeted for high-risk populations.

I think the most interesting fact that my colleagues and I became aware of, is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that “fluoride is not a mineral nutrient; it is a prescription drug” and as we all know, every prescription drug has side effects.

Even more astounding is the fact that…

Fluoride had never received FDA approval!

As I see it, fluoride is an illegal drug that is being added to our water supply, has never been approved for human use and, over which, there is no control for individual dosage!

Additionally, as a dental professional, I need to be aware of the fact that if I am administering topical fluoride treatments in a dental office as part of a preventive re-care appointment, I am administering an illegal drug!

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4 thoughts on “Is Fluoride an Illegal Drug?

  1. Wow, I’m impressed to see that Dr. Limeback has your attention on fluoridation.

    On a different but just as practical note here’s one objection that I believe can have traction with the average person and professionals.

    We purify our water supply from its source to make it drinkable using expensive filtration and chemical processes, then once the water is purified, we add an unapproved, untested and unregulated, highly hazardous, toxic waste product containing neurotoxic and carcinogenic substances, and denatured element molecules: fluorine, hydrogen fluoride, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, chromium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, silver, plus uranium238, barium, radon, cobalt, radium, polonium. It’s just plain nonsensical and wrong.

  2. Hi Richard and thanks for your comments!

    Yes, it is very exciting to be working with Dr. Limeback as he has a wealth of knowledge and experience and we can all learn a great deal from him. He has taken a great deal of abuse over the years from colleagues and other professionals as most of us have been brain-washed into believing the false claims of the fluoridationists. After personally reading the science and weighing the pros and cons I feel that at the very least, we have to revisit the safety and efficacy of this practice as it is long overdue!

    I have been reading your facebook posts and attached communiqués regularly now and must say that your passion and relentless pursuit of uncovering the facts is quite impressive!

    It would appear that an ant-fluoridation group is beginning to emerge here in York Region and we will be looking to community activists such as yourself for direction and leadership!

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  3. I’m also confused. I’m speaking here as a mom of a 4 year old who has Autism. She still doesn’t know how to spit when we’re brushing her teeth. And since they say fluoride is not supposed to be swallowed, we’re still using a non-flouride toothpaste for her. Her dentist however says that she already needs fluoride. Please enlighten me. I’m afraid to have a bigger problem if her teeth will cause more problems. To fluoride or not to fluoride? What’s lesser evil?
    Elysse Parsons´s last blog post ..Know Bad Breath Causes

  4. Hi Elysee,

    I think a vast majority of us are confused about fluoride and the best advice I can give you is to educate yourself and make decisions that are right for you and your family.

    There is a lot of controversy surrounding this subject and I believe that in the coming months that it will escalate and become more mainstream in the media!

    Not swallowing fluoride toothpaste is a huge concern as it is potentially lethal! Since all treatment recommendations need to be client-centered, you need to ascertain if the benefits outweigh the risks with the help of your daughter’s health care providers.

    Does your daughter currently have tooth decay issues? Have you researched Xylitol or any of the re-mineralization products/protocols?

    I am going to send a link to an article taken from the website of Dr. Jay Gordon a pediatrician who has some good information on fluoride and nutrition.

    In Health,


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