Registered Dental Hygienists Must Adhere to Strict Guidelines

11397418_saWhile attending a continuing education seminar for Registered Dental Hygienists last weekend, I was  reminded once again of my responsibility as a self-regulated health care professional that  all hygienists are expected to adhere to strict guidelines and:

  • assure that their professional responsibility to the client prevails;
  • apply the CDHO Dental Hygiene Standards of Practice, CDHO Code of Ethics and CDHO regulations and bylaws to their dental hygiene practice;
  • maintain and improve their level of competence through the continuous upgrading of knowledge, skills and judgment; and
  • be accountable for their actions.

With these standards in mind, I take very seriously, the education of the clients that I see in my practice, Woodland Dental Hygiene, as well as the general public through this blog.

Care and concern for my clients must supersede all else and it is for this reason that I am “duty bound” to speak out on oral health issues  that I feel may be affecting their general health and well-being and that they have a right to know about!

Topics such as mercury fillings, root canal treatments and fluoridation can be quite controversial but there is valid scientific information that needs to be obtained, researched and studied if one is to make informed choices regarding one’s health care.  This truly needs to be the basis of “informed consent” and “consent to treatment”.

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5 thoughts on “Registered Dental Hygienists Must Adhere to Strict Guidelines

  1. That’s a great post. Many patients don’t realize that Dental Hygienists are highly educated professionals in a self-governing body. Often, patients think the Dentist is the star of the show, but in reality, it is the hygenists that bring issues to the Dentist’s attention.

  2. Hi Dr. Nordstrom,

    Thanks for your post regarding dental hygienists and their role in preventive oral health!

    In Health,


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