Fluoride Free Vaughan

As a member of the Fluoride Action Network and Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation, I am happy to report that there is a local group forming to deal with this very important issue.

In response to an overwhelming number of concerned York Region citizens contacting the Fluoride Action Network, York University biology student Audrey Swartz has agreed to organize a “Fluoride Free Vaughan” working group to have fluoride removed from the municipal water supply.

If anyone is concerned or even interested in this issue please consider:

  • Reading my previous blog posts on the dangers of water fluoridation (you can easily find my posts on fluoride by searching the category section here in the sidebar on the right).
  • Researching the following sites:




  • Consider attending the following meeting

When: Sunday, January 29th 2012 @2pm-4pm

Where: Bubble Tea & Me (Yonge St. & Clark Ave. Sounthwest corner plaza). We will be in the larger private room in the back, reservation under “Audrey”

Who: Anyone is welcome, so yourself and any friends/family/colleagues you can convince to come

What: General introduction, sharing of ideas concerning fluoride issue/meeting considerations/plans for action etc.

Why: To get this toxic bi-product out of our water supply!

If you cannot attend this meeting, it’s okay – meetings will be once monthly and meetings will be recorded. If you would like the mp3 file, send me an e-mail. However, you will miss out on putting in your input on issues, so if it is possible for you to attend it would be best, even for an hour.

I’d love your feedback. Here on this blog, you’ll get commentluv. This is a great opportunity to leave a link back to your own blog when you leave a comment.

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