Dental Decay is a Systemic Disease: Part 2

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As I mentioned last month, there is a rather shocking conclusion to the research that Ralph Steinman did involving diet and tooth decay.

Firstly, what is simply profound to me as a dental professional is that they observed the tracers that they used in the food show up within the rat’s teeth minutes after they ate!  I want to stop here and have everyone reflect on this for just a moment:

Food eaten affected the teeth almost immediately!!!

Secondly, while Steinman saw a direct correlation between the reversal of fluid flow in the teeth and tooth decay he went one step further.  Instead of feeding the mice orally he injected glucose into their bodies so that it never even touched their teeth.  He not only observed the expected reversal of fluid flow in the dentin of the tooth….

All of the test animals developed severe tooth decay!!!

What Dr. Ralph Steinman clearly demonstrated through this outstanding, landmark research is:

Dental decay reflects systemic illness!!!

Next month I will discuss an additional component of Dr. Steinman’s research involving stress and dental decay!

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2 thoughts on “Dental Decay is a Systemic Disease: Part 2

  1. Thank you for that information Do you have a link to that research it would be greatly appreciated. I have a girlfriend that constantly has decay. She says she gets topical fluoride at her dentist office. Are you opposed to it. I read about your post about Israel and fluoride. Thank you for enlightening us. All the best. Lucie

  2. Hi Lucie,

    It is wonderful that you are so concerned about your friends oral health that you are taking the time to do the research to help her.

    Here is a link to a PDF of the study that I quoted:

    Topical fluoride certainly has its place for people who are cavity prone. Having said that, there is a cost to its use as fluoride is toxic on many levels and just because it has been applied on the teeth and it is hopefully not swallowed it can and does get absorbed by the tissues in the mouth.

    I personally do not promote the use of fluoride in any form and feel that new products with xylitol and theobromine are much more promising and not toxic. In fact a new study published in the highly respected dental journal, Caries Research, confirmed what the inventors of Theodent™ toothpaste have been saying all along: that theobromine, an all-natural and organic compound found in chocolate, re-mineralizes and hardens tooth enamel at a greater rate than fluoride!

    Regarding the post about Israel banning water fluoridation; there is something that the rest of the world is on to that we have to start exploring. We have to ask “why” we refuse to listen to the overwhelming and compelling science that is available.

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