Israel to End Water Fluoridation

Israel to end fluoridationAs most of my family and friends are aware, some of my new daughter-in-law’s family stayed with us before and after our son’s wedding in August.

In getting to know each other better I found out that Natalie’s sister and fiancée are both scientists, she is doing her PHD and him his masters, both in chemistry.

They are both highly opposed to water fluoridation, citing its acute toxicity and expressed their sincere thankfulness that Israel will finally end this archaic practice.

On July 29th, 2013, the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that new regulations require Israel to stop adding fluoride chemicals into public water supplies in one year.

Israel is fortunate to have a Minister of Health that had the courage to resist pressure from pro-fluoridationists and make this important decision.

Citing a number of reasons for her decision, Yael German believes that studies reveal that:

“Fluoridation can harm pregnant women, people who suffer from thyroid problems and the elderly.  I was exposed to studies from the world that raises the suspicion that too much fluoride can harm teeth and bones.  In the current state we receive fluoride from several sources: drinking water, toothpaste, cooking water, vegetables, and it is impossible to know what’s the dose we absorb”.

Aside from the adverse health effects that can be attributed to toxic amounts of fluoride exposure German also points out that; “it harms the basic rights and freedom of choice”.

Currently, Canada is one of only 10 countries that have over 50% of their population drinking artificially fluoridated water.

What does the rest of the world know that we don’t have the courage to face!


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