Mouth Breathing: What’s Breath Got to do With It?

mouth breathing diagram

I have written about “mouth breathing” a number of times over the years but I have become increasingly concerned as of late as I realize that more and more of the patients that I see are breathing this way!

I have long known that there are both oral and systemic health problems that are a result of this abnormal way of breathing.  Because I consistently observe the disconnect between the dental and medical profession in this area, I have decided to become better informed about;

“What’s Breath Got to do with it?”

I am leaving tomorrow to attend a 28 hour course in Montreal on Orofacial Myology: From Basics to Habituation.  It is an intensive course and is intended to put me on the certification track to becoming a Myofunctional Therapist.

I have so many questions about mouth breathing:

  • What is causing this rampant problem?
  • Why are so few people really concerned?
  • CPAP machines may help at night but what about during the day?
  • Will exercises really make a difference?
  • Can conditions be reversed?
  • What are the limitations of this therapy?

I am excited to learn from some of the top experts in this field and what I can personally do in my dental hygiene practice for my patients who I recognize as needing this help.

Stay tuned next month when I will share some of the answers that I have learned to the above questions and what I may be able to do to help you if you too think that you might have this problem!

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