The Mouth-Body Doctor: Alison Adams

alison-adamsWhile revamping my website earlier this year I came across an informational video on Dr. Alison Adam’s website; that clearly and cleverly conveyed the same concerns that I now have regarding dental products and procedures.

Realizing that this informational video was exactly what I would like to have on my homepage, I contacted Alison to see if I might gain permission for its use. Being the pioneer that she is, spreading the word to the public about the dangers in dentistry is paramount and she graciously granted my request. You will find this video in the sidebar to the right of this post if you are reading this post on the website. For those of you receiving this post via email, please click here for a link to the video.

Since then, Allison and I have become good friends through email and Skype and I now have a holistic dentist whom I can consult with at any time…well, almost any time, as I have to allow for the five hour time difference as she resides in Gloucestershire, England.

Dr Alison Adams is a leading spokesperson and pioneer in the field of what she calls MouthBody Medicine. This is an emerging discipline that looks at the effect of dental procedures and dental disease on general health and how nutrition and systemic health issues relate to the mouth and teeth. She is a dentist, naturopath, author, online health coach, and speaker.

Alison qualified as a dentist gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Science (BDS – equivalent of DDS) from Guy’s Hospital, London in 1983. After seven years in general dental practice she undertook further study at the University of Michigan, USA, obtaining a Master’s degree in Restorative dentistry (MS). She subsequently ran her own private practice in central London for a number of years before her health deteriorated to the point where she was forced to quit dentistry. After a lifetime of poor health for which she had taken many medications and had had over 20 surgeries, she finally decided to take her health into her own hands. At first this involved extensive reading, but this then segued into more formal courses of study in natural medicine.

Over the course of her studies she came to appreciate that what had been ailing her and members of her family was primarily chronic mercury poisoning. This came not only from her occupational exposure to mercury vapor as a dentist using amalgam, but also from an accidental spill at work, her own dental amalgam fillings, and the mercury based preservative (thimerasol) used in many vaccines.

I thought I had left dentistry behind when I quit and studied natural medicine, but my research kept bringing me back to the importance of the mouth – and particularly of dental procedures – to health. I now believe that almost everything I was taught over seven years of study for two degrees at two of the best dental schools in the world was either wrong, irrelevant or seriously incomplete. My mission is to alter the way dentistry is practiced and to define a new paradigm of dental care which takes into consideration the health and wellbeing of the whole body.

If you are like me, and are constantly searching for answers to perplexing health questions, I suggest that you have a look at; and if you still need answers – contact her personally like I did! You will meet an honest, committed and knowledgeable Doctor who is there to help.

As always, I welcome your feedback. You can connect with me via telephone or email or leave a comment right here on the site. Please feel free to leave a link back to your own blog too, if you have one.

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Is Water Fluoridation Legal?

21143342_sListed as “one of the 10 greatest public health achievements of the 20th century”, the future of water fluoridation may well be decided in the courts! The question is, is water fluoridation even legal?

On June 26, 2014, lawyer Nader Hasan, representing the group Concerned Residents of Peel, presented a legal opinion to the Peel Region council informing them that they could be legally responsible for harming residents whose health is put at risk by water fluoridation. Continue reading

Pottenger’s Cats – A Study in Nutrition

click image for more info

click image for more info

I have recently completed reading Pottenger’s Cats-A study in Nutrition. It is a short, very easy-to-read book that begs the question:

“If it is true with human beings, as it is with cats, that nutritionally-caused degeneration is passed down to our children, a sobering challenge stands before us!”

In my own search for optimum nutrition for both myself and my patients, I do not think that we can ignore this fundamental research.

The work that Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD observed in cats on deficient diets parallels the degeneration that Weston A. Price, DDS found in people who abandoned traditional foods.

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Whole-Body Oral Health

Kathleen BernardiI am presently away on a holiday with my husband Paul….the second time in our 33 three years of marriage that we have been away for a week alone! With the benefit of time and distance, I have been afforded a perspective that has been made clearer with respect to whole-body oral health as a result of taking this break from the everyday of work and routine. For this I am truly grateful.

It is from this place of clarity that I would like to reflect on who I am as an allopathic healthcare provider and where I might be headed at this age and stage of my wonderful life and career. Continue reading

Oil Pulling – IN THE NEWS

dental hygienist King CityIn this blog post, I would like to highlight the extensive information that seems to be currently circulating in the news and my office about the new/old Ayurvedic practice called “Oil Pulling”.

Oil pulling is reported to be a remedy for not only improving oral health but overall health and detoxification. It involves the use of pure, organic oils as agents for pulling harmful bacteria, fungus and other organisms out of the mouth, teeth, gums and even throat.

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Mercury Contamination of Waste Water from Dental Offices

Mercury contamination in dentist officesWhen I began to do the research on mercury contamination of waste water from dental offices, I had no idea of the Pandora’s Box I was opening!

As most of you now know, I decided last month that because of the possibility of mercury contamination to my home office and property, that I would not be able to have a dentist working here with me at Woodland.

In the process of researching how to capture, contain and dispose of mercury contaminated waste water, it became evident that this was a far greater issue than I had previously realized.

While a growing number of dentists are no longer placing mercury fillings…YEAH…they are still removing old ones, and therefore the disposal of this material…a biohazard…is of monumental importance.

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Dentist at Woodland Dental Hygiene?

Mercury fillingsI have spent the last few months seriously considering having a dentist work with me here at Woodland Dental Hygiene.

The possibilities of having my patients see someone “in office” for their restorative work is obviously appealing on many levels.  For my patients, the most obvious benefit would be that they only have to visit one office; insuring a continuity of care that is often difficult to achieve when they have to visit someone who does not share my holistic approach.  For me, it would simplify the referral process as assessment and treatment notes would not have to be forwarded back and forth and professional collaboration would be simplified. Continue reading

Kathleen Bernardi – Reflecting on 2013

Woodland Dental HygieneNow that the “crush” of the holiday season is over and I am beginning to settle into the first few timid days of 2014, I am spending some time reflecting on 2013 and have consolidated the highlights here:

  • Balance, balance and more balance
  • Thank God all of us are different
  • Expect the unexpected and allow for it in my schedule
  • Leave the room and take a deep breath
  • Learn how to listen
  • Have a schedule but be flexible
  • Ask
  • Admit when I don’t know something
  • Don’t hold grudges
  • Multitasking reduces productivity by 30%…FACT
  • Begin and end the day with gratitude for “everything” that has come my way

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Israel to End Water Fluoridation

Israel to end fluoridationAs most of my family and friends are aware, some of my new daughter-in-law’s family stayed with us before and after our son’s wedding in August.

In getting to know each other better I found out that Natalie’s sister and fiancée are both scientists, she is doing her PHD and him his masters, both in chemistry.

They are both highly opposed to water fluoridation, citing its acute toxicity and expressed their sincere thankfulness that Israel will finally end this archaic practice. Continue reading

A Chair In The Woods

Wedding 2013I am writing this month’s edition of “A Chair In The Woods” from our family cottage where we are taking a few days off after hosting the marriage of our son Michael to Natalie at our home last Saturday.

After months of planning, the magical day unfolded into a beautiful celebration of love and commitment. Even the weather behaved as if made to order. Continue reading