New Study Indicates that Wi-Fi Could Increase Mercury Exposure from Dental Amalgams

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The Journal of Neuroimmunology recently published a study entitled “Effect of radiofrequency radiation from Wi-Fi devices on mercury release from amalgam restorations,”

Thankfully, I follow Sayer Ji’s, Green Med info website and because of this, became aware of the study. My good friend Karen Armstrong, who also follows Sayer, kindly sent me the link to this information as well, a sure sign that this was something I had to write about!

The Dangers of Mercury and Exposure to EMF’s

The Iranian study published online in July of this year acknowledges that despite concerns over the toxicity of elemental mercury used in dental amalgam, it is still the most widely used restorative material in the world.   And to add to this, the rapidly increasing use of local area wireless computer networking technology and its potential ability to cause adverse health effects through exposure to its resulting electromagnetic fields (EMF’s).

Studying the Effects of Wi-Fi on Amalgam-Filled Teeth

In what is believed to be the first ever study of its kind, researchers used amalgam-filled teeth using standard protocols and divided the teeth randomly into 2 groups of 10.  The specimens in the experimental group were exposed to radiofrequency radiation emitted from standard Wi Fi devices at 2.4 GHz for 20 minutes.  The Wi-Fi router was placed 30cm away from the samples and the laptop computer that was exchanging data with the router was placed 20m away. The concentrations of mercury were then evaluated using a cold-vapor atomic absorption Mercury Analyzer System.  The control group was not exposed to Wi-Fi.

The results were statistically significant with the experimental Wi-Fi group exhibiting twice the levels of mercury than the control group and the researchers concluded that further in vitro and in vivo studies are necessary.

My Personal Take-Aways from This Study Are:

  • Your router, your cordless phone, your Bluetooth earpiece, your baby monitor and your garage opener all love and live on this radio frequency of 2.4 GHz.
  • If you still have amalgam fillings, you have a material in your mouth that contains over 50% elemental mercury
  • Combine the two above, and you have the potential for some serious health concerns

How about you?  Do you still have amalgam fillings?  Do you use wireless devices?  Do you have heavy metal toxicity?  Do you have unexplained health issues?

This may be one more thing that you might want to pay attention to as you search for answers!

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World Mercury Project Announces $100,000 Reward

world mercury project

On Tuesday, February 15th 2017, a unique and unfortunately obscure press conference took place in Washington D.C. announcing the following challenge by The World Mercury Project in conjunction with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Robert De Niro:

“We hereby issue a challenge to American journalists (and others) who have been assuring the public about the safety of mercury in vaccines.  We will pay $100,000 to the first journalist, or other individual, who can point to a peer-reviewed scientific study demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant women”.

I would like to ask all of my friends and colleagues who are reading this if any of you heard about this challenge in the publications you read or on the television stations that you watch?

Were any of you also aware of a story in 2014 about a Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitting a corruption of data in a controversial 2004 study that supposedly proved there was no link between the MMR Vaccine and Autism?

Freedom of Speech in the Media

For most of you, I am sure the answer is no, because I believe that the press no longer has the freedom to report the truth.   I personally can’t believe that neither of these stories made front page news and this scares me!  Are personal interests and profits so deeply entrenched in mainstream media that true freedom of the press no longer exists?

Dangers of Mercury in Dentistry

I have been very vocal in the past about the dangers of mercury in dentistry, but I have preferred to steer clear of the volatile vaccine debate and concern that thimerosol, a mercury based preservative found in many vaccines is highly neurotoxic, especially to susceptible sub-groups.  I have decided that I can no longer keep quiet and that I will add my voice publicly, to the many who are calling for safe vaccination.

I believe that this challenge is going to bring to light the fact that there are no safe studies that exist and that at the very least, the scientific and medical community need to admit to the need for further scientific research for the sake of truth and the health of our children!

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The Mouth-Body Doctor: Alison Adams

alison-adamsWhile revamping my website earlier this year I came across an informational video on Dr. Alison Adam’s website; that clearly and cleverly conveyed the same concerns that I now have regarding dental products and procedures.

Realizing that this informational video was exactly what I would like to have on my homepage, I contacted Alison to see if I might gain permission for its use. Being the pioneer that she is, spreading the word to the public about the dangers in dentistry is paramount and she graciously granted my request. You will find this video in the sidebar to the right of this post if you are reading this post on the website. For those of you receiving this post via email, please click here for a link to the video. Continue reading

Mercury Contamination of Waste Water from Dental Offices

Mercury contamination in dentist officesWhen I began to do the research on mercury contamination of waste water from dental offices, I had no idea of the Pandora’s Box I was opening!

As most of you now know, I decided last month that because of the possibility of mercury contamination to my home office and property, that I would not be able to have a dentist working here with me at Woodland.

In the process of researching how to capture, contain and dispose of mercury contaminated waste water, it became evident that this was a far greater issue than I had previously realized.

While a growing number of dentists are no longer placing mercury fillings…YEAH…they are still removing old ones, and therefore the disposal of this material…a biohazard…is of monumental importance.

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