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23 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Kathleen,
    First congratulations on your eco-friendly dental hygiene business. It is good to see dental hygienists progressing with the field of Dental Hygiene. I am a RDH (dental hygienist) in Orlando, FL USA. I am in the process of starting my dental hygiene business,which is somewhat challenging in Florida, as not many have set up independent practices.
    If possible, I would like to hear information on how you started, and the hurdles you had to go through.
    Again, congratulations. Your dental hygiene office is beautiful, and I take my cap of for anyone progressing the field of dental hygiene into an independedt practice. It is necessary.

  2. Hi Florita, thanks for the congratulations, it truly is a dream come true! If you ever want to chat I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions; we could arrange a telephone/computer meeting. My phone number is 905 833-4154.

  3. Hi Kathleen,
    I finally had a chance to check out Woodland’s. I really didn’t know what it was about. What a beautiful looking clinic. I congratulate you on such an initiative. I trust it has been a big success thus far. I don’t know of anything like this in the Tampa area. Next time we are in the Toronto area I know where we will be coming for a cleaning!
    The Gordons

  4. Hello Kathleen,

    I must say kudos for what you have accomplished, just incredible, really!

    Really glad you now know the dangers of the mercury in “silver” amalgam fillings!

    I’m sure you know you should never scape/scale, brush or polish this toxic fillings and how harmful it is to stimulate the additional release of mercury vapor!

    There is an excellent video,
    Smoking Tooth, demonsrtating this release on youtube and at the website, as well.

    I learned this, all-too-late, sadly, as. a former dental assistant, now disabled.

    You can read my story sometime, just do a search:
    Karen Palmer mercury

    Anyway, I wish you much, continued future sucess with your business! Amazing work! Your patients are so fortunate to have you!

    Take care,

    Keeping the faith for the end of mercury amalgams around the world!

  5. Hi Karen,

    I must thank you for taking the time to email me about this oh so controversial subject! I watched your YouTube presentation to the Joint FDA panel on the classification of mercury and I applaud your courage. This is about educating the public to listen to the information on both sides of the debate, discuss their concerns with their dental professional and then make their own decisions based on the evidence and their intuition.

    Many Thanks,

  6. i use a mobility scooter. would like to get to king city to have my amalgams removed. what can i use instead? can you put in the substitute material that is safer?

    also are there any persons like yourself in toronto. i have another friend who wants to do the same thing. she doesn’t want to travel to king city. i don’t mind… the removal is long overdue for me. i just have to find someone who is affordable…

    thank you.

  7. I want you to know that I am not a dentist who removes mercury fillings. I am a dental hygienist that does check-up assessments and cleanings in my dental hygiene office in King City. I would recommend that you phone Dr. Hans Jurgen Schwartz in Richmond Hill who also has a practice on Bloor Street. He is a biological dentist who believes very strongly about the toxicity of mercury amalgam and will be able to help both you and your friend.

    His number is 905 780-0083


    Kathleen Bernardi

  8. Kathleen,

    I am thinking about having my amalgams removed. I live in New Brunswick and have been looking without much luck for a dentist to remove them that will take extreme care when doing so. I was wondering if there are any dentists that you know out east that I could contact? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  9. Hi Matt, My apologies at not being able to respond to your comment until today. I would suggest contacting:

    The International Association of Oral Medicine & Toxicology

    The International Association of Mercury Free Dentists

    The International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine

    Huggins Applied Healing

    You can copy these links and paste them into your browser.
    All of these organizations and sites have a list of member dentists and if you can’t find one locally you could at least speak to one of these groups and ask them what you should do as they are the experts.


  10. To all my blog followers,

    I want to thank you all for your comments and concerns over the last few years. I have had a very busy year with Woodland Dental Hygiene expanding in both our King City location and now a second location on Bloor Street in Toronto. As well. I am bringing another Registered Dental Hygienist on board to help with seeing clients in both locations.

    I have spent the day responding to the most recent comments I have received and will try in the future to keep on top of them all and apologize for the “ones that got away”!

    In Health,


  11. Hello Kathleen, You have a beautiful practice and such a refreshing take on dental hygiene. Being so environmentally concious must attract a very health-concious and resposible clientelle.

    I am also an RDH and I am trying to decide if opening my own independent practice in my home is the right decision for me and my family. If you have time, would you mind giving me some guidance as to how you started, costs, and maybe just some insight on what to expect.

    I really appreciate your time and understand if your schedule doesn’t allow you to answer me in great detail.

    Thank You


  12. Hi Nicole,

    This is a very important but exciting decision you are contemplating and I would be happy to speak with you. I suggest that you give me a call or email me directly and we can set up a time to chat.

    In Health,

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  17. Hi Kathleen , congratulations for your great business. Me and my friend have the plan to open a Dental Office like you in Florida, we are both active licenced RDH florida, and also Foreign Dentist from Cuba and Peru, please you have any idea how to start our business, we need some advices, How much capital we need, and if we need a Dentist full time with us, please we need your help.Thank you for your answer.

  18. Hi Oscar,

    I would suggest that you first determine local regulatory issues with your State Licensing body as I know that many states do not allow independent Dental Hygiene practice.

    If you are indeed allowed to practice independently than you do not need a dentist!

    I would suggest that you take a look at the CDHA website where they offer a course on all phases of opening your own practice.

    Hope this helps!

    In Health


  19. Hi Kathleen,

    One week ago I had all teeth extracted and immediate dentures. Wow, what a miserable experience! I am using salt water rinses hoping to speed recovery.

    Just to satisfy my curiosity, I looked online to determine if salt water rinses really do speed recovery and if so, why that is true. I was blessed to land on your site. Thanks so much for sharing the information that lead to so many comments. You have a wonderful site!

    Do you think I should continue long term with the salt water rinses to kill bacteria since there will be no issue with damage to teeth? Or should I use a regular mouthwash?

    Thanks so much for your wonderful site.

  20. Hi Linda,

    I am quite sure that the dentist who performed your oral surgery gave you instructions on rinsing after your extractions and I would encourage you to follow his advice.

    Long term though, I would say that I am not a big fan of mouthwash as I do believe it upsets the microbiome in the mouth, that is the balance of good and not-so-good bacteria. Any time you are using anything therapeutic, there needs to be a specific issue for use and it should only be used until that issue has been resolved. Having said that, I do believe that salt water is probably the least invasive, most healing rinse that you could do on a regular basis.

    In Health


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