Kathleen Bernardi, RDH

I am a registered dental hygienist with over twenty five years experience working in and around York Region.  Now with new legislation enabling dental hygienists to practice without a dentist, I have combined my skills, enthusiasm and vision and opened my own practice – Woodland Dental Hygiene.

My holistic, integrative approach is born of my commitment to preventative health in my own life and I believe that the opportunity to share this with others is creating a new and exciting model of oral health care delivery.

I have employed many earth-friendly initiatives in my tranquil, woodland setting and I’ve recently received notice that Woodland Dental Hygiene is the 1st Canadian Dental Office to Achieve Eco-Dentistry Dental office Certification Status of which I am a member.

I’m committed to providing you with comprehensive oral healthcare and the convenient hours your busy lifestyle requires.

I am pleased to be a member of the following Associations. Click on the images for more information.

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To learn more about my professional background, you can find me and connect on LinkedIn by clicking here.


4 thoughts on “Kathleen Bernardi, RDH

  1. Hello There.. Thank you for this opportunity to share.. I Live in Waikanae NZ .. Our Local Council favours water fluoridation and is persuaded in doing so by our New Zealand Ministry of Health which also is an advocate of water fluoridation.. I am more than mindful of the completely negative aspects of water fluoridation and agree with the 98% of Europe in not being fluoride countries.. I would dearly love to receive any information on this subject.. I have emailed our Kapiti Council on the subject as well our local MP Mr Nathan Guy and our Ministry of Health (Oral Health Team).. I will continue to do so.. Thank you for your Web Site..
    Kind Regards Victor Heslop

  2. Hi Victor,

    Thanks for your comments! You will have a battle on your hands convincing the law-makers about the negative effects of water fluoridation! I would suggest that you consider becoming a member of FAN (Fluoride Action Network) and utilize the resources available from this coalition of international experts and professionals.

    Here is the link and good luck!


    In Health,

  3. Hi i need to get in contact with Alison Adam, i live in Sydney Australia and would like to ask her a few questions. PLease let me know how thanks

  4. I will forward your email to her and hopefully she will be able to respond to you.
    I am on holiday right now and will be unable to do this until I return home in two weeks.

    In Health,

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