We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know: Ignaz Semmelweis

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Sometimes in life, science and the subsequent proof we seek lag far behind validating research (this begs a whole other discussion on funding of such today).  In support of my concerns about the dangers of fluoride and how we don’t know what we don’t know, I would like to share the tragic but compelling story of Ignaz Semmelweis. Continue reading


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My second Intention Word for 2016 is SILENCE!

I did not realize how noisy this world was until I quit my job in mainstream dentistry some eight years ago and began to focus on creating silence in my life as part of my healing.

I had worked in an open-concept dental office for roughly eighteen years where the sounds of high-speed drills, ultrasonic scalers, televisions, telephones, doorbells and people talking bombarded and permeated the race-against-the-clock practice of modern dentistry were common every day noise. Continue reading

Dental Decay is a Systemic Disease: Part 2

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As I mentioned last month, there is a rather shocking conclusion to the research that Ralph Steinman did involving diet and tooth decay.

Firstly, what is simply profound to me as a dental professional is that they observed the tracers that they used in the food show up within the rat’s teeth minutes after they ate!  I want to stop here and have everyone reflect on this for just a moment:

Food eaten affected the teeth almost immediately!!! Continue reading

King City Ontario Dental Hygienist Opens Independent Practice

Woodland Dental Hygiene – An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Choose Woodland Dental Hygiene for your next oral health care appointment and you’ll find yourself sitting back, gazing through panoramic windows onto a tranquil woodland setting.  It’s peaceful and serene, a little oasis from your hectic day.

Opened in October of 2008, Woodland Dental Hygiene is one of over two hundred independent dental hygiene practices that are now operating in Ontario since legislation passed in September, 2007 allowing Registered Dental Hygienists to open their own practice without a dentist.  Increased public access and affordability are the cornerstones of this groundbreaking change to the way dentistry has traditionally practiced. Continue reading

Yes, I am a Naturally Different Alternative for Oral Hygiene Care

Eco-Dentistry Certification

Having been a member of the Eco-Dentistry Association for the last two years I have officially begun the process of becoming the first dental office in Canada to be certified with this group.

Why? Continue reading

2 Reasons I left My Job – Noise & Chemicals/Air Quality

The Wisdom of Nature in Addressing Health Issues


Well, I am back from holidays and once again I am invigorated and inspired by the majesty of the Canadian Rockies and all that fresh air!   I thought that since I was writing this while on holiday, that I might also take a break from the recent type of informational posts I have been doing, instead, taking some time to reflect on the wisdom of nature and how she really does have the simplest and often best answers when we are looking to address health issues. Continue reading

6 Questions about Fluoridation

Fluoridation – What Everyone Should Know

Beginning with this week’s issue of Mouth to Mouth I am going to explore some of the basic facts regarding fluoridation and why you need to be informed about both sides of a debate that is growing in intensity.

Following are a number of questions and answers taken directly from the Canadian Dental Association’s website.

1.    What is fluoride? Continue reading

Welcome to Woodland Dental Hygiene

Kathleen 122Hello to all my family, friends and fans.  I invite you all to join me as I embark on the next phase of promoting Woodland Dental Hygiene and my commitment to a holistic/environmental approach to oral health care.

The decision to pioneer this new concept in preventive oral health care comes mainly from some challenges to my own health and the need to have control over what I subject my body, mind and spirit to.  This, coupled with legislative changes in September 2007 allowing Dental Hygienists to practice without a dentist led me to believe that this was what was needed for not only my health, but for my patients and the planet as well. Continue reading