Join the Fight to End the Use of Mercury in Dentistry!

I have written about the history and dangers of mercury in Dentistry in a number of my past blogs and therefore I am extremely excited to hear that Dr. Mercola and the Consumers for Dental Choice organization have declared this week;  Mercury-Free Dentistry Awareness Week.

I urge you to help spread the word and help educate others by sharing the following poster with your social networks. Together, we can END the use of toxic mercury in dentistry.

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Mercury Detoxification: The Prelude

By now, many of you who have been following my blog have to come to realize that I have some very strong reservations regarding the processes and materials used in many “traditional” dental offices.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I left one of these “traditional” dental offices and began to educate myself that I learned just how much I did not know. And one of those areas pertained to mercury amalgam fillings.

To quote Krishnamurti from “The Book of Life”

“What we call knowledge is comparatively easy, because that is movement from the known to the known.  But to learn is a movement from the known to the unknown…” Continue reading

History of Mercury Amalgam

Mercury Amalgam fillingsKathleen Bernardi – Why I Write My Blog, Part 4

Last week I finished with a promise to discuss an entirely opposite view of mercury amalgam.  In order to lay the ground work for this view, I am going to begin with a short history lesson in the mercury fillings story.

  • The most common dental filling materials prior to Amalgam (mercury) were: cork, tin, wood chips, resins (e.g. pine) and lead. Continue reading