Mouth Breathing: What’s Breath Got to do With It?

mouth breathing diagram

I have written about “mouth breathing” a number of times over the years but I have become increasingly concerned as of late as I realize that more and more of the patients that I see are breathing this way!

I have long known that there are both oral and systemic health problems that are a result of this abnormal way of breathing.  Because I consistently observe the disconnect between the dental and medical profession in this area, I have decided to become better informed about;

“What’s Breath Got to do with it?”

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My 3 Intention Words for 2016

Enough is enough text on blackboard

I want to thank my good friend Karen Armstrong at Inside Out for sharing her New Year’s tradition of picking three words that reflect the energy that the New Year is bringing forth for her and making these her Intention Words for the coming year.

I have decided to adopt Karen’s idea for myself this year because of its simplicity, and the fact that it does not necessitate setting goals or making resolutions.  I am a very goal-oriented person both personally and professionally and while this has helped greatly in the past to keep me on track with my vision of success, I know it is time to take a break in 2016 and coast for awhile.  For those of you who know me, coasting is not in my vocabulary so this is really going to be a challenge.  However, I am turning 60 this year, and as I enter into this next chapter of my life the universe is gently prodding me to take a break, to rest a bit and just be.

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Dental Decay is a Systemic Disease: Part 2

Boy with apple

As I mentioned last month, there is a rather shocking conclusion to the research that Ralph Steinman did involving diet and tooth decay.

Firstly, what is simply profound to me as a dental professional is that they observed the tracers that they used in the food show up within the rat’s teeth minutes after they ate!  I want to stop here and have everyone reflect on this for just a moment:

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FDA Panel Deliberates the Health Effects of Mercury Fillings

bigstock-Mercury-hg--145233a copyTwo days of hearings in Gaithersburg, Md. ended last week with a recommendation from the advisory panel that the FDA examine all relevant scientific studies and evidence presented pertaining to Mercury fillings.

In four petitions submitted by various consumer and dental groups, there has been some indication that the FDA’s decisions regarding mercury fillings are flawed and based upon insufficient data to draw conclusions.  Specifically, when dealing with a very sensitive subpopulation such as: pregnant women, unborn children, children under 6 and mercury-sensitive adults. Continue reading

Celebrity Diagnosis and Oral Cancer


Michael Douglas’ recent diagnosis and treatment for throat cancer has brought oral cancer into the spotlight.

While other cancers like breast and skin have received a great deal of attention, this may be changing.  In the past, throat cancer made up to 18% of head and neck cancers but these days that number has climbed to 33%. Continue reading

Removing Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Mercury Toxicity and Chronic Health Issues

bigstock-Shiny-Mercury-39978211Many people may decide to have their mercury amalgams removed for preventive reasons but there are a good many who may be experiencing chronic health issues that appear to be related to heavy metal toxicity.

I have recently read “The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health” by Thomas Rau M.D..  Lauded as the “Mozart of medicine”, Dr. Rau is the world’s foremost practitioner of biological medicine.  He is the medical director of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland and his program has proven effective time and again, especially for those with chronic conditions like allergies, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer. Continue reading

Waging War on Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Why I Write My Blog  Part 6

Fotolia_40983729_XSa copyWhy I Write My Blog  Part 6

Last week I left you with the question:  Why did dentists who vehemently opposed mercury/amalgam fillings switch to their use? From my viewpoint, it is pretty obvious that there were financial reasons.  Losing money and patients to barber-dentists was the impetus to turn a blind-eye to the serious and known health hazards related to mercury fillings.

Mercury amalgam was and still is; durable, easy to use, highly resistant to wear and relatively inexpensive in comparison to other materials. Continue reading

Banning Elemental Mercury in Amalgam Fillings

Why I Write My Blog – Part 5

We are resuming the history lesson on mercury fillings and if you recall, I left off last time with a request for you to contemplate the statement “elemental mercury was a health hazard and because it was contained in amalgam fillings it should be banned!!!

This statement was made by doctor-dentists of the time who reasoned that if mercury could make hatters mad then what could it do to people who had it in their teeth? In an attempt to prevent unregulated barber dentists from exposing the public to this poison, doctor-dentists formed the first dental school in the U.S. in 1828 and subsequently in 1848 the first dental association, the American Society of Dental Surgeons (ASDS). In was an attempt to regulate and standardize dental treatment and give credibility to licensed dentists and here’s the kicker, prohibit the use of amalgam fillings by member dentists. Continue reading

Kathleen Bernardi – At the Crossroads

Why I Write my Blog – Part 2

15743954_sa copyI was diagnosed with Cancer in December of 2008 and while it’s usually not a life-threatening form of the disease, Squamous Cell Carcinoma was enough of a wake-up call for me.

I began to take a good, long, look, at all areas of my life and what I needed to change as I endeavored to get my health back on track.  First on my list was to leave the practice I was currently working in.  This was not an easy decision as I had been there for many years and it was comfortable and safe.  However, I had changed personally and spiritually a great deal over the previous few years and sadly I knew that it was time for me to leave. Continue reading

The Oral-Systemic Connection

It’s a Two Way Street

Positive pregnant blond woman  checks her teeth“What happens in the mouth can affect our body and what happens in our body can affect our mouth”

At first glance this seems like a pretty simple and straight-forward statement; however, having worked as an oral health care professional for over 30 years, I can tell you that most of us have not approached our clients with this holistic mind-set.  This is now beginning to change as new research confirms that the oral-systemic connection exists and must be considered when assessing and treatment planning. Continue reading