How Often Does Your Cat Need Teeth Cleaning?

Cats are amazing creatures. However, they need a proper car and you got to have most of the devices. If your whisker has asthma, you are better have a cat asthma inhaler at home. If your cat is losing to much fur, you better provide him or het with proper vitamin package. But what about dental? How Often Does Your Cat Need Teeth Cleaning? Can you do it at home? What do you for DIY teeth cleaning or it’s go to the vet? Read the article below to have the answers for all of these questions.

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Is It Worse to Skip Brushing Your Teeth or Flossing?

We all know that proper oral hygiene includes both brushing and flossing, but what if you only have time to do one? Which is worse (or better?) to skip… brushing or flossing? It’s not a question we can easily answer. As proud White Rock dentists in British Columbia, we firmly believe that neither is good to skip!

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The Connection Between Oral & Heart Health

The mouth is the portal to the body. Not exclusively is your grin frequently the primary thing individuals see about you, however it additionally impacts you in manners that you can’t see. Your oral wellbeing impacts your foundational (generally speaking) wellbeing, which is the reason your dental specialist demands that you complete a restorative history at your arrangement; it’s significant that your dental specialist knows your therapeutic and family ancestry in light of the fact that your oral wellbeing conditions may affect different frameworks in the body.


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White Fillings vs. Silver Fillings: Which Ones Are Better?

Most people have had to deal with at least one cavity at some point in their lives. Even the topnotch  teeth hygiene habits don’t necessarily prevent cavities 100% of the time. This is why fillings solution is a quite popular in dental industry. In fact, there are two types of fillings: white and silver. But which ones are better? According to this South Surrey dentist, there are several pros and cons.

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